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Question of the Night 05.16.10

In honor of my absolute favorite season of the year, SWEEPS, tonight’s question is all about closure and cliff hangers.

Q: What finale are you most looking forward to this Spring?


Vic Henley


Pat Dixon

The Simpsons

Jermaine Fowler

SNL (even though he didn’t know it was last night…)

Bernadette Pauley

Real Housewives of New York (but it would be Dexter or something else less embarrassing during non-network Sweeps.  Promise.)

Lenny Marcus


Buddy Bolton

Whale Wars

Warren Holstein

LOST (but he hopes it doesn’t jump the shark in the finale like Battlestar Galactica. And then he said, “I’m a nerd.”)

Christian Finnegan


Teddy Smith

Not a TV watcher, (against my best advice)

Ryan Reiss

Knotts Landing

Best of luck to you and your stories as the networks wrap up for summer vacation. In the meantime, come into the Club for some top-notch entertainment.

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Vic Henley at Radio City Music Hall!

We here at Eighty Second & 2nd rarely like to promote events happening outside of the Comic Strip Live!, but when we were walking through Midtown the other day, we couldn’t help but snap a picture of this.


Congrats Vic! You’ve made the marquee!

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Lobby Life!

A fresh batch is in! A lot of new and old friends have been hanging around the Comic Strip Live this last week.  Some of them were captured by the crafty photo crew here at Eighty-Second & 2nd!  More coming soon!

Happy Monday!


It was full around the bar on Thursday when Andy Pitz, Andy Hendrickson, Sam Morril, Vic Henley, Jim David & Joe Machi decided to take in an evening at the Strip.


Comic Strip legend Barry Berry visits old friend Barry Weintraub.


Dexter Stallworth watches the game while Lenny Marcus, Ryan Reiss and Becky Donahue get prepare for their spots.


Comic Strip original George Wallace dropped by on Thursday and Saturday night to see friends and perform hilarious stand-up, pictured here with Richie Tienken and Jeffrey Gurian.

To see the lobby (and some hilarious stand-up comedy) pick the best date for you and your friends on our schedule!

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Question of the Night (8/30/2009)

Our regular installment of Question of the Night is going to be a bit different tonight because of the special show, Story Time with Vic Henley, that’s happening here at the World Famous Comic Strip Live at 8:00.

The Question:  What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you on stage?

The Answers: Come to the club and listen as the rotating cast, often including Vic Henley, Ben Bailey, DC Benny, Jay Oakerson, and more tell their tales.

Other performers will include Jermaine Fowler and Marina Franklin!

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Photos from last night’s Sunset Comedy Cruise!

Last night a sold-out boat enjoyed another successful and exciting Comic Strip Live Sunset Comedy Cruise!

Laughs were plentiful and the memories made were priceless as a boat-load of comedy fans took in the spectacular views and hilarious stand-up comedy that only the Sunset Comedy Cruise can produce.

Relive some of the magic from last night!


Host of the nights festivities William Stephenson greets guests as they check in prior to boarding the cruise.


Just in the nick of time! Comedian Vic Henley makes it to Pier 40 with minimal time to spare before kick-off!


Comedian J.J. Ramirez looks out over the water prior to the Sunset.


The eastern tip of New York’s beautiful skyline.

Comedians Sherrod Small and William Stephenson relax while Jordan Rock enjoys a night out on the water.


Comedian Sherrod Small entertains the sold-out boat with his high-energy brand of humor.

Comic Strip favorite Jermaine Fowler also took the night off so that he could check out the nightlife on the famous Sunset Comedy Cruise.

Jordan Rock admires Lady Liberty herself.

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Sunset Comedy Cruise Tonight!


The weather is amazingly, the drinks are chilled and the fun out on New York’s famed Hudson River is going to go down TONIGHT!


The Comic Strip Live’s Sunset Comedy Cruise, a staple of New York residents summer calendar is kicking off from Pier 40 tonight at 6:30!

The announced line-up for this evening’s comedy cruise:


From HBO’s The Chris Rock Show and the new FX Network show Louie William Stephenson!


From NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the new hit movie Bruno, Vic Henley!


From ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! and VH1’s Best Week Ever, Sherrod Small!


And from the feature film The Latin Legends of Comedy and Comedy Central, J.J. Ramirez!

For more information on how to be a part of tonight’s cruise, call Jan at 212-861-9386.

The cost is $25.00 per person plus a two-drink minimum.  Save $5 if you use the code “BLOG” when you call. (Dinner is optional, $8.00 per plate.)

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Question of the Night (08/09/09)

With such a fantastic line-up tonight here at the World Famous Comic Strip Live, this week’s Question of the Night focuses on the comics who inspired our stars before they were on-stage, when they were comedy fans just like you and me.

Q: Who was your first-ever favorite comedian?


Host, Vic Henley

Richard Pryor

Andy Pitz

George Carlin and Rodney Dangerfield

Dustin Ybarra

Pablo Francisco

Christian Finnegan

Steve Martin

Jermaine Fowler

The Animaniacs and Rocco from Rocco’s Modern Life

Jon Fisch

Dennis Wolfberg

Don Jamieson

George Carlin

Ryan Reiss

Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy

Lenny Marcus

Jerry Seinfeld

Come see the long-lasting effects of the great comedians of the past on these great comics of today at 8:00 at the Comic Strip Live!  And stick around for some of tomorrow’s stars with Late Night @ CSL after the show!

Photos posted with permission.

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In the Tank @ Comic Strip Live!

Take a look at these photos from the set-up and taping of Episode 125 of In the  Tank with Jon Fisch with Comic Strip regular and crowd pleaser Vic Henley!  Check back next week for the link to this upcoming episode that touches on topics like: why you never hang up on Vic Henley, when smoking can sometimes be good, and the lost art of hosting.

Earlier this week, we talked about In the Tank with Jon Fisch, the comedy podcast that takes listeners back stage and into the world of stand-up comedy.  Through interviews and personal anecdotes about performing, Jon Fisch, Dan Allen, and Dan Shaki discuss the ins-and-outs of professional comedy while talking with a different comic each episode.

I’m happy to report that today, the In the Tank crew is recording its next installment, with guest comic Vic Henley right here at the World Famous Comic Strip Live!

You can find In the Tank at its website and on Facebook.  And, of course, you can click the image below to subscribe to the In the Tank with Jon Fisch podcast so this plus every very entertaining and informative episode will be downloaded straight to your iPod.

It looks like everyone is having a great time!

It’s sure to be a great episode!

Happy Friday!

Posted with permission by Vic Henley and the In the Tank crew.

In the Tank logo design credit: Paul Oddo.

In the Tank theme song: Mark Douglas.

Other photos: Allie Esslinger

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