Ted Alexandro on Letterman! Tonight!

Ted Alexandro, a club favorite, is going to be on The Late Show with David Letterman tonight on CBS at 11:35 PM EST.  This is his second appearance on the show, and I got to talk with him earlier this week to see how it went.

Because of the Letterman filming schedule, Ted went in on Monday to tape tonight’s episode.  Although he “knew a little bit more what to expect this time around,” Ted says that it was still a bit of a, “surreal, overwhelming experience to do it.”  Luckily, as a Bellerose, Queens native, his family was able to come along, so even though he had the challenge of condensing his act into five minutes for The Late Show, he had the familiar faces of his parents and two brothers in the audience and the company of his two sisters in the green room.  He says that his family has always been supportive and that it was a huge luxury to be able to have them with him on such a momentous occasion.  He’s always felt like this is the show for comics in the post-Carson era, and he’s thrilled to be back.

Regis Philbin and Dave Matthews Band are the other guests on tonight’s show.  Ted called the backstage hallway a sort of, “receiving line”, where he was able to exchange a smile with Regis and briefly meet the band, who’d just seen his set and are no doubt some of his newest fans.

Since the taping, it’s been back to business as usual for Ted, with regular spots around New York City.  He’ll next be at The Comic Strip on Thursday, August 6 for the 8:30 PM show.  Other upcoming shows include a headlining trip to Chicago in August and a college in Oklahoma this Fall. But for tonight, he’s going to enjoy the show with friends and a beer, and re-live his great Monday.

For more information about Ted, some clips, links to his Facebook and Myspace pages, and his full performance schedule, check out his website: www.tedalexandro.com.  And, of course, don’t forget to tune in to The Late Show with David Letterman TONIGHT for his appearance.

(quotes, links, and pictures posted with permission)



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