In the Tank @ Comic Strip Live!

Take a look at these photos from the set-up and taping of Episode 125 of In the  Tank with Jon Fisch with Comic Strip regular and crowd pleaser Vic Henley!  Check back next week for the link to this upcoming episode that touches on topics like: why you never hang up on Vic Henley, when smoking can sometimes be good, and the lost art of hosting.

Earlier this week, we talked about In the Tank with Jon Fisch, the comedy podcast that takes listeners back stage and into the world of stand-up comedy.  Through interviews and personal anecdotes about performing, Jon Fisch, Dan Allen, and Dan Shaki discuss the ins-and-outs of professional comedy while talking with a different comic each episode.

I’m happy to report that today, the In the Tank crew is recording its next installment, with guest comic Vic Henley right here at the World Famous Comic Strip Live!

You can find In the Tank at its website and on Facebook.  And, of course, you can click the image below to subscribe to the In the Tank with Jon Fisch podcast so this plus every very entertaining and informative episode will be downloaded straight to your iPod.

It looks like everyone is having a great time!

It’s sure to be a great episode!

Happy Friday!

Posted with permission by Vic Henley and the In the Tank crew.

In the Tank logo design credit: Paul Oddo.

In the Tank theme song: Mark Douglas.

Other photos: Allie Esslinger


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