Lobby life!

A lot of great comedy talent graced the Comic Strip Live this last week. A lot of our old friends came through to do sets and spend time in the lobby of the club that they all call “home”, the Comic Strip.  Here is this weeks installment of Lobby Life.


A meeting of the minds occurred by our bar this last Wednesday when Ryan Reiss, Al Ducharme, Marina Franklin, Andy Hendrickson and Mike p. Burton got together.


Four of Thursday’s acts, Ted Alexandro, Judah Friedlander, J.J. Ramirez and Steve White converse about life in comedy. And baseball.


Veteran comedy writer D.F. Sweedler reflects on what makes a good comic alongside Stan Stankos, Joe Machi, Andy Hendrickson and Mike p. Burton.


A more subdued lobby allowed Judah Friedlander and Mike p. Burton to catch up over dinner with D.F. Sweedler and Matt Jenkins futhur discussed baseball.

Check back next Monday for another installment of Lobby Life!

And to see the lobby (and the comics within it) live in person, check out our schedule.


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