In the Tank with Jon Fisch and Special Guest Vic Henley

As promised, HERE is the link to the latest episode of In the Tank with Jon FIsch.  This weeks guest is Vic Henley, one of Comedy Central’s Southern Gents of Comedy.  For more information about how In the Tank started, check out our original post about the comedy-centric podcast.  And for pictures from this episode’s recording session at the World Famous Comic Strip Live, check out last Friday’s post.

To subscribe to the podcast, click this image:

To listen while you browse around  Eighty-second and 2nd,

Right-click the link below to download the mp3 file:

Episode 125 | Vic Henley .

To find In the Tank elsewhere on the World Wide Web, check out its homepage and its Facebook group.

Happy listening, and stick around after the theme song for an extra story from Vic Henley!  Thanks Jon, Dan, and Shaki for another great episode.

Click your way back here next week for the next installment of In the Tank with Jon Fisch.


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