Lobby life!

Whenever New York’s stand-up comedy elite need to relax, have a laugh and just overall enjoy themselves, they can’t help but swing by the Comic Strip Live. Known as a hotbed for both up-and-coming young talent as well as established headliners, the Comic Strip prides itself on being a welcoming atmosphere for all of its talent. And when our top notch comedians aren’t on stage, they can be found socializing in the clubs well-renowned lobby.  And with that, here is this week’s edition of “Lobby Life.”


Barry Weintraub catches the Lobby Life team in action as Dexter Stallworth listens in on a conversation between Jermaine Fowler and Andy Pitz.


Always quick to lend a punchline (or sometimes, just a punch) Stan Stankos and Andy Hendrickson help Joe Machi prepare for his set while DF Sweedler concentrates on the Yankees score.


After a long night of laughter-enducing, comedians Adam Cozens, Jermaine Fowler and Dustin Ybarra pose for a snapshot.


Incredibly funny comedienne Bernadette Pauley poses with three of the Comic Strip’s fabulous waitresses after her set.


Comic Strip original and long-time friend of the club Alan Combs poses by his old headshot during a recent visit to the club where it all started for him.

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