Comedy Class

Have you ever sat in the show room at the Comic Strip Live! and pictured yourself on the stage?

Well, now’s your chance!

The Comic Strip Live Comedy Class is starting again on Monday, September 14.  The course is taught by Comic Strip regular D.F. Sweedler, who has written for The Late Show with David Letterman, who has appeared on Comedy Central, The Today Show, and A&E, and who has been written up in The New York Times and Reader’s Digest.

The class is held on Mondays from 5:45-7:45, and it lasts 8 weeks.  The cost is $375.00.  For information, call Jan M-F at 212-861-9386.  As a member of the class, you will receive writing tips, stage practice, and free admission to the club Sundays-Thursdays (excluding holidays and special events).  Past graduates have gone on to write for Saturday Night Live, perform in infomercials and on TV, and earn spots on our Late Night roster.

Call now to reserve your spot!

and Good luck!

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