Lobby Life!

A fresh batch is in! A lot of new and old friends have been hanging around the Comic Strip Live this last week.  Some of them were captured by the crafty photo crew here at Eighty-Second & 2nd!  More coming soon!

Happy Monday!


It was full around the bar on Thursday when Andy Pitz, Andy Hendrickson, Sam Morril, Vic Henley, Jim David & Joe Machi decided to take in an evening at the Strip.


Comic Strip legend Barry Berry visits old friend Barry Weintraub.


Dexter Stallworth watches the game while Lenny Marcus, Ryan Reiss and Becky Donahue get prepare for their spots.


Comic Strip original George Wallace dropped by on Thursday and Saturday night to see friends and perform hilarious stand-up, pictured here with Richie Tienken and Jeffrey Gurian.

To see the lobby (and some hilarious stand-up comedy) pick the best date for you and your friends on our schedule!


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