Learn All About “They Call Me Mister Fry”

We here at Eighty Second & 2nd are doing our best to give you all of the current and most exciting news regarding the upcoming one-man show of “They Call Me Mister Fry”, but despite our greatest efforts, news is being created faster than we can post it!

But there is good news. The man behind the terrific show, Jack Freiberger has an official website that helps you stay on top of all of the happenings behind the east coast premiere of the well-raved show, opening November 8th at the World Famous Comic Strip Live!

On the site you can find information on the history of the show, Freiberger’s biography, videos of past performances and reviews of the show from publications across the nation.

We are looking forward to the show and hope that you can all make it!




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2 responses to “Learn All About “They Call Me Mister Fry”

  1. PeachFuzz

    I saw the show in Washington at the Fringe Festival. Actually, I was surprised be cause it was GREAT. We loved it. My sister when back and saw it again. we have some friends in NYC and will tell them about it.

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