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New MOMENT OF CLARITY video by Lee Camp!

Comic Strip Live! comedian Lee Camp has released his newest MOMENT OF CLARITY video, timely released to coincide with the post-Thanksgiving hooplah, in which we are all now consumed.

To see more of Lee’s videos, click here.

And to find out when you can see Lee Camp at the club, be sure to check out our schedule.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


Hello comedy fans!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that this holiday brings  you all great joy and celebration with those around you!

The Comic Strip will be closed this evening, something about all the waitresses making plans to crash the Obama’s next State Dinner or something…

Be will be back tomorrow night with THREE great comedy shows.

Be good to one another!

-Comic Strip Live!

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Tonight at the Comic Strip: Pete Correale!


Tonight at the Comic Strip Live!, long-time club favorite Pete Correale returns to our stage!

Pete has been on the road for the last few months, touring behind his recent one-hour special, but now that he is back in the city, he is quick to come by one of his favorite clubs around, the Comic Strip Live!


And if you can’t make it tonight, but want to check out Pete’s act, we at Eighty Second & 2nd recommended “The Things We Do For Love”, which was rehearsed nightly at the Comic Strip in the weeks leading up to this historic comedy taping.

If you want to find out when you can see Pete in the coming weeks, be sure to check out our schedule.

Welcome home Pete!

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Advice from LARRY MILLER!

After last night’s Question of the Night, it got us here over at Eighty Second & 2nd thinking more about advice and the best pieces of it that our comedians have heard.

This morning, Comic Strip Live! legend Larry Miller chimed in with his two-cents, courtesy of The Adam Carolla Podcast.


“In this business, never take anyone else’s advice. Because anyone wants to give you advice is either lying, an idiot or a fool.”Larry Miller

Well, there you have it.  However, As Larry might be the first to point out, you may be better off NOT taking his two-cents on this topic.

Larry most recently came by the Comic Strip on July 4th with Eddie Brill to work out his Late Show with David Letterman set and we look forward to seeing him around again soon.

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Guest Spot! Eddie Brill

Long time favorite here at The World Famous Comic Strip Live, Eddie Brill stopped by tonight.  He was here, in part as his capacity as the booker for The Late Show with David Letterman and also to work out some of his own new material, which will be making its worldwide debut on The Late Show on Friday, December 18th!

We got to take up a few minutes of his time with the Question of the Night, and this is what he told us:

Q: What is the best advice you ever received as a comic?


Stage time! Stage time! Stage time!

and, for TV:

“If you think you’re going too slow, slow down.” told to him by Comic Strip alum Louis C.K. (who heard it from Jerry Seinfeld)

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Question of the Night– 11/22/2009

It’s Sunday again, and this week’s Question of the Night is a great one (Thanks to Adam Cozens for the suggestion!).  We have such a great line-up tonight, with a lot of experience from beginning to end, that we thought we’d mine the comics for some golden counsel (or at least their best two cents).

Q: What is the best advice you ever received as a comic?


Dean Obeidallah

Colin Quinn once told Dean, “If you’re killing it every night, you’re either a hack or you’re not challenging yourself enough.”

Brian McFadden

Never try to match the energy of the room.  Bring the energy to your level.

Joe Bolster

Make sure the check clears.

Jermaine Fowler

Don’t gauge your career off someone else’s success.

and, “Take people on the ride with you (when you’re telling your jokes).”

Sherrod Small

Get out of the business!

Mike Destefano

Curse a lot, especially when it’s unnecessary.

Mike Vecchione

Keep writing.  And get on stage as much as possible.

Ross Bennett

Work clean.

Kyle Grooms

Take your time when you’re writing and performing your jokes.

Ryan Reiss



If you have a question that you’re dying to ask our comics– don’t die; just leave it in the comments below and we’ll work it into our Sunday night rotation.

For the next time you can catch one of these guys on stage here at The World Famous Comic Strip Live, check out our schedule over at the homepage.


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This Friday night: Russ Meneve!


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!TONIGHT! Comedy Caliente!


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