USA/USO: Dustin Chafin Serves the Troops

Dustin Chafin is a staple here at the World Famous Comic Strip Live.  His brand of comedy fits perfectly on our weekend late shows– a little rowdy, a bit challenging, and always hilarious.

Last Sunday, Dustin left New York City for a two week tour of Iraq and Kuwait, where he’ll perform for our troops serving overseas.  This isn’t the first time he’s performed for American soldiers; Dustin has also traveled with the USO to Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.

This marks his second trip to Iraq and Kuwait, and he couldn’t be more excited to go over and show his support for the men and women who serve this country in war.  Also, it doesn’t hurt that there’s great food on base and two other comics to keep him company.

If you’ve seen Dustin’s set (and you SHOULD), you know his brand of humor is fearless.  And while he might curb his personal opinions a little bit overseas, one of the best things about these trips is that he gets to say things on stage that soldiers might be feeling but can’t necessarily express of their own volition.  The troops are homesick; they’re living a life we can’t really imagine over here.  And Dustin appreciates the chance to, “say the same stuff they’re thinking.”  Dustin’s funny bits of freedom of speech are a little piece of America on base.

We’ll be thrilled to have him back on stage next month (Check our schedule in December!), but until then, we’re proud of Dustin.  He’s serving the soldiers who are serving us, one patriotic d*ck joke at a time.  Follow him on Twitter for updates from his trip!


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