Question of the Night– 11/22/2009

It’s Sunday again, and this week’s Question of the Night is a great one (Thanks to Adam Cozens for the suggestion!).  We have such a great line-up tonight, with a lot of experience from beginning to end, that we thought we’d mine the comics for some golden counsel (or at least their best two cents).

Q: What is the best advice you ever received as a comic?


Dean Obeidallah

Colin Quinn once told Dean, “If you’re killing it every night, you’re either a hack or you’re not challenging yourself enough.”

Brian McFadden

Never try to match the energy of the room.  Bring the energy to your level.

Joe Bolster

Make sure the check clears.

Jermaine Fowler

Don’t gauge your career off someone else’s success.

and, “Take people on the ride with you (when you’re telling your jokes).”

Sherrod Small

Get out of the business!

Mike Destefano

Curse a lot, especially when it’s unnecessary.

Mike Vecchione

Keep writing.  And get on stage as much as possible.

Ross Bennett

Work clean.

Kyle Grooms

Take your time when you’re writing and performing your jokes.

Ryan Reiss



If you have a question that you’re dying to ask our comics– don’t die; just leave it in the comments below and we’ll work it into our Sunday night rotation.

For the next time you can catch one of these guys on stage here at The World Famous Comic Strip Live, check out our schedule over at the homepage.



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