Question of the Night: 01/17/010

We’re watching the Golden Globes out in the lobby tonight.  And in honor of the awards, we asked the comics who their favorites are this year.

Q: Who are you rooting for to win a Golden Globe this year?


Erik Rivera

Couples Retreat!

Tom Van Horn

The Hurt Locker (Drama) and The Hangover (Comedy)

Tina Giorgi

Avatar, and any other movie that makes people nauseous.

Jermaine Fowler

Inglorious Basterds

Bernadette Pauley

Dexter– not Michael C. Hall but Dexter himself.

Al Ducharme

The Golden Globes deserve their own Golden Globe.

Lenny Marcus

Modern Family or Glee

Judah Friedlander

The Jets!

Jon Fisch

The Larry Sanders Show, always

Kyle Grooms

Gabourey Sidibe, for Precious

Thanks for checking out Eighty-Second & 2nd this week.  We hope you’ll stop by the World Famous Comic Strip Live sometime soon!

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