My Funny Valentine’s Day!!!

Do you like love? Comedy? Sunday evenings? Well, then you are in luck!


Valentine’s Day night! 2 shows! 7:00pm and 9:00pm! The best comedians in New York come together to wish you (and if you want, a loved one or two) a very special Valentine’s Day!

Ray Ellin hosts two laughter-packed shows featuring  Marina Franklin!    Sherrod Small!    Brian Scott McFadden!    Kevin Brennan!



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2 responses to “My Funny Valentine’s Day!!!

  1. Hilary


    At around 5:30pm today, my husband and I were walking down Time Square. We are leaving early tomorrow morning so we decided to just take in the sights. We came upon “Rachel” at around 47th and Broadway who told us about this great comedy joint. For 20 bucks we could get 2 VIP tickets to this great comedy club. I asked her specifically “But it’s 5:35pm, can we still get in?” She called the club and said “I have two people interested, is there a table if they come in the next 15 minutes?” She got of the phone, said everything was OK and to hail a cab.

    We got to the club about 5:45pm. We walked up to the ticket lady — (there were two of them, one sitting at the bar and one sitting at the true ticket counter.” The one who was sitting at the ticket counter was a ROYAL B&^%TCH!! We walked up to her, gave us our ticket and she said “Reservation name” — we said, we didn’t have one, we never gave the girl one. She said “Yeah right.” And I was like, seriously, she called and someone here said it was fine. She then said “Whatever, so, you got these tickets and you never gave your name?” Luckily, the girl that was also on the computer said “Oh, they are good, Rachel called and said they’d be late.” Then she was like, “ok, whatever.” And rolled her eyes at us.

    Seriously, that kind of service is HORRENDOUS!!!!!! I WILL NEVER go there again unless someone AT LEAST acknowledges that she needs some customer service skills!!! JUST HORRIBLE!!! I’ve been to NYC at least 10 times, and this was the WORST service I have every received.

    Honestly, it took away from the comedy experience, which I’m sure is something you don’t want.

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