Question on the Night 02/21/10

We’re back with a brand new installment of Question of the Night.  Tonight, we’re talking about performances spaces that are, uh, not quite as prestigious as the World Famous Comic Strip Live.

Q: What is the strangest spot you’ve ever performed a spot?


Bill McCarty

A Briss– that was running late– and they told him to keep it short!

Tom Van Horn

a laundromat

Christian Finnegan

He was the MC at an air guitar competition.

Lenny Marcus

Lenny came straight to the Strip from a hookah bar tonight!

Rob Cantrell

The Brainwash Cafe in San Francisco– a laundromat/coffee shop/punk rock venue

Mike Burton

a backyard party with a wooden palette stage, a karaoke machine, and a work light.

Jermaine Fowler

a fashion show at Howard University

Ryan Reiss

Sex? Oh, comedy? … a subway platform…

Steve White

A Klan rally down South.  He burned the house down.

Got a question for our comics?  Leave it in the comments below!

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