The March Schedule is online!

Good morning!

If you are like many Americans, you are currently trying to decide which night this month is best for you and your friends want to come by the Comic Strip Live!   Well, let us here at Eighty-Second & 2nd lend you a hand by pointing towards the clubs March 2010 schedule!

On this page, you will find out when your favorite comedian will be appearing on our legendary stage.  Its really THAT simple. One of the most frequently recieved phone calls at the club is “who is on tonight?” and with the club calendar at your disposal, you need never ask that again.

“Is Chuck Nice going to be at the Strip this month?” Yup! Many times. Check the schedule!

“What about DC Benny? My wife LOVES DC Benny.” He sure will be! Find out when on the schedule!

Gregg Rogell? Ted Alexandro? Dan Naturman? Pat Dixon? Joe Bolster? Sherrod Small? Kevin Brennan? Tom-E? Brian Scott McFadden?” Yes to them all! They will all grace our stage this month, some many times! Check out the schedule to find out when!

In addition to our posted online line-ups, many of our famous alumni have been known to pop in at a moments notice! In the past year, Dave Chappelle, Artie Lange, Bill Burr, Charlie Murphy, Tony Rock, Judah Friedlander, George Wallace and many more of our friends have come by to surprise audiences on any day of the week.

The Comic Strip Live! was voted by AOL City Guide to be the Best Comedy Club in New York City!

Come by the club to feel the excitement!


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