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ONE NIGHT ONLY! Angel Salazar Tonight!


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Christian Finnegan to co-star in TBS’ Are We There Yet?


For those out there looking to find the perfect fill for that LOST-shaped void in your life, TBS’s new show Are We There Yet? might be the answer.

From Executive Producer Ice Cube, the new series is a spin-off of sorts from the successful 2005 family comedy motion picture of the same name. One of the stars of the new program is Comic Strip Live! favorite Christian Finnegan.


A long time friend of the club, Finnegan is perhaps best known for his appearances on MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, as “Chad” in “The Mad Real World” sketch on Comedy Central’s Chappelle’s Show and as a talking head like no other on VH1’s Best Week Ever.  He has also appeared on CBS’ The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, NBC’s Today Show and in 2009 unveiled his one hour special Au Contraire!, which was released through Warner Bros. Records.

An audience favorite, Christian is a regular the Strip. To find out when you can catch him next, keep an eye on our schedule.

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Is Strip alum Eddie Murphy returning to stand up?

A Comic Strip original, Eddie Murphy has been making the TV circuit this last week promoting his role in the upcoming Shrek film. On every couch he has visited he hasn’t shied away from his long-running passion to end his career where it all began: on the stand up stage.

As anyone familiar with Eddie’s career would tell you, he started performing stand up on 2nd Avenue in between 81st and 82nd streets at the home of New York comedy, The Comic Strip Live! If Eddie really does return to the stage, will he be coming back to his home club? Its too early to tell and he has returned tight-lipped on the whole thing, but it wouldn’t take much of an imagination to picture Eddie back on the stage where he first honed his craft.

Here is a clip of Eddie on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Credit for finding the clip goes out to our own little Murph-in-the-making, Jermaine Fowler!

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Gary Gulman This Saturday!

This Saturday night, the Comic Strip Live! is proud to welcome into our club, star of stage and screen Gary Gulman! Gary is a longtime friend of the club and we are excited to have him back in town.

Gary will be performing his hilarious stand-up comedy this Saturday night on both our 8 o’clock and 10:30 shows.


Tickets are still available but reservations are required. Check out our schedule to find out who else will be on the show with Gary this weekend!

Look forward to seeing you at the Strip!

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Lottery Show Debuts Huge!

This last Tuesday at the Comic Strip Live!, a new live reality show debuted to fantastic results!

The brainchild of Sherrod Small (VH1’s Best Week Ever, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!) and General Manager and Talent Booker of the Comic Strip J.R. Ravitz, “The Lottery Show” is a reality show based on the real-life process of what it takes to get “passed” to start performing stand up comedy on Late Night at the Comic Strip Live!

The Lottery Show’s debut this last Tuesday was met with great results. Well over 100 audience members were in attendance for the debut of the show where six aspiring comedians perform their best 5 minutes of stand up comedy for a panel of comedian judges. The laughs came early and often and all in attendance signaled that the show was a hit!

While auditions have been taking place every Tuesday at the Comic Strip for some time, this new insider perspective on the process is what makes the show a must-see.

If you would like to be a part of the next great web sensation, come join us as part of our live audience. The next taping of the show is this Tuesday, May 25th at 11:00. The regular all-star packed Comic Strip Live! show takes place prior to “The Lottery Show,” but if you want to just come to the taping, come by around 10:30, tell us you are here for the show and we will wave your cover. That’s right, FREE ADMISSION!

More info on The Lottery Show will be coming soon. Keep checking back here at Eighty Second & 2nd for updates!

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Comedy Shows Nightly!

TRUE or FALSE?!?!?

The Comic Strip Live! hosts professional stand up comedy shows 7 nights a week, each night featuring 7 or 8 national headlining talents?

Absolutely true. You can’t get more true if you tried.

The Comic Strip Live! is the premiere showcase comedy club in the comedy capitol of the world. What more do you need to know?

Check out our line-up, wipe the drool off your keyboard and then call 212- 861-9386 to make a reservation.

Also, be sure to follow the Strip on Twitter by joining us @ComicStripLive

We look forward to seeing you at the Strip!

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Question of the Night 05.16.10

In honor of my absolute favorite season of the year, SWEEPS, tonight’s question is all about closure and cliff hangers.

Q: What finale are you most looking forward to this Spring?


Vic Henley


Pat Dixon

The Simpsons

Jermaine Fowler

SNL (even though he didn’t know it was last night…)

Bernadette Pauley

Real Housewives of New York (but it would be Dexter or something else less embarrassing during non-network Sweeps.  Promise.)

Lenny Marcus


Buddy Bolton

Whale Wars

Warren Holstein

LOST (but he hopes it doesn’t jump the shark in the finale like Battlestar Galactica. And then he said, “I’m a nerd.”)

Christian Finnegan


Teddy Smith

Not a TV watcher, (against my best advice)

Ryan Reiss

Knotts Landing

Best of luck to you and your stories as the networks wrap up for summer vacation. In the meantime, come into the Club for some top-notch entertainment.

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