Lottery Show Debuts Huge!

This last Tuesday at the Comic Strip Live!, a new live reality show debuted to fantastic results!

The brainchild of Sherrod Small (VH1’s Best Week Ever, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!) and General Manager and Talent Booker of the Comic Strip J.R. Ravitz, “The Lottery Show” is a reality show based on the real-life process of what it takes to get “passed” to start performing stand up comedy on Late Night at the Comic Strip Live!

The Lottery Show’s debut this last Tuesday was met with great results. Well over 100 audience members were in attendance for the debut of the show where six aspiring comedians perform their best 5 minutes of stand up comedy for a panel of comedian judges. The laughs came early and often and all in attendance signaled that the show was a hit!

While auditions have been taking place every Tuesday at the Comic Strip for some time, this new insider perspective on the process is what makes the show a must-see.

If you would like to be a part of the next great web sensation, come join us as part of our live audience. The next taping of the show is this Tuesday, May 25th at 11:00. The regular all-star packed Comic Strip Live! show takes place prior to “The Lottery Show,” but if you want to just come to the taping, come by around 10:30, tell us you are here for the show and we will wave your cover. That’s right, FREE ADMISSION!

More info on The Lottery Show will be coming soon. Keep checking back here at Eighty Second & 2nd for updates!


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