Is Strip alum Eddie Murphy returning to stand up?

A Comic Strip original, Eddie Murphy has been making the TV circuit this last week promoting his role in the upcoming Shrek film. On every couch he has visited he hasn’t shied away from his long-running passion to end his career where it all began: on the stand up stage.

As anyone familiar with Eddie’s career would tell you, he started performing stand up on 2nd Avenue in between 81st and 82nd streets at the home of New York comedy, The Comic Strip Live! If Eddie really does return to the stage, will he be coming back to his home club? Its too early to tell and he has returned tight-lipped on the whole thing, but it wouldn’t take much of an imagination to picture Eddie back on the stage where he first honed his craft.

Here is a clip of Eddie on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Credit for finding the clip goes out to our own little Murph-in-the-making, Jermaine Fowler!

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