Christian Finnegan to co-star in TBS’ Are We There Yet?


For those out there looking to find the perfect fill for that LOST-shaped void in your life, TBS’s new show Are We There Yet? might be the answer.

From Executive Producer Ice Cube, the new series is a spin-off of sorts from the successful 2005 family comedy motion picture of the same name. One of the stars of the new program is Comic Strip Live! favorite Christian Finnegan.


A long time friend of the club, Finnegan is perhaps best known for his appearances on MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, as “Chad” in “The Mad Real World” sketch on Comedy Central’s Chappelle’s Show and as a talking head like no other on VH1’s Best Week Ever.  He has also appeared on CBS’ The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, NBC’s Today Show and in 2009 unveiled his one hour special Au Contraire!, which was released through Warner Bros. Records.

An audience favorite, Christian is a regular the Strip. To find out when you can catch him next, keep an eye on our schedule.


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