IT’S A WRAP! Lottery Show Season 1 Comes to a Close


So soon they come, so soon they go.

A week or so back, the Comic Strip Live! wrapped its first season of the new live reality comedy experience: The Lottery Show. Conceived by J.R. Ravitz and Sherrod Small, The Lottery Show added some flash to the long running Lottery-based audition process by bringing in established stand up comedians to judge and give feedback to young aspiring comics auditioning for Late Night.

The Lottery Show was a phenomenal success. Many aspiring comedians took their first step into becoming regulars around the club by passing for Late Night while some of our current Late Night talent re-auditioned and became passed for regular spots!

A big “thank you” goes out to our many judges, including the ever-present J.R. Ravitz & D.F. Sweedler as well as our rotating round-table of guest judges including Paul Mecurio, Brian Scott McFadden, Modi, Keith Robinson, Gregg Rogell, Marina Franklin and many, many more.

And of course, a very special thank you goes out to the host of the whole show, Sherrod Small!

Will we be back for season 2? Stay tuned!



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3 responses to “IT’S A WRAP! Lottery Show Season 1 Comes to a Close

  1. colin hylander

    Two questions…….i am supposed to b auditioning this tuesday night for the club. is it still going on? and then……since some of it may b videotaped, am i not allowed to curse or use any profanity?? thanks, colin.

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