Paul Reiser Returns to the Comic Strip!

A glorious homecoming took place on Friday night when long-time friend of the club Paul Reiser made his triumphant return to the Comic Strip Live!


The star of such projects such as the movie “Aliens” and “Diner” as well as the incredibly popular sitcoms “Mad About You” and “My Two Dads,” the now Los Angeles resident was in town promoting the release of his new project “The Paul Reiser Show” debuting this Thursday on NBC!

Paul will be quick to say that he started his comedy career at the legendary Comic Strip and as legend dictates, Paul got his first (surprise) acting break by happenstance when he accompanied a comedian friend from the Strip to an audition, spontaneously auditioned and then was cast into history with his starring role in “Diner.”

Paul performed on both the 8:30 and 10:30 shows and was warmly received by the crowds. Still as hilarious and relevant as always, Reiser was kind to everyone who approached him and seemed to have a great time connecting with other comics in the lobby and especially longtime friend, club owner Richie Tienken.


Thanks for coming by Paul! We’re looking forward to checking out “The Paul Reiser Show” this Thursday on NBC!



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