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August Line-Up Online!!!

Wanna see who is coming to the Comic Strip Live! this month?!? I BET YOU DO!

We’ve got a really, truly great month of stand up comedy this month. I mean, we ALWAYS do, but this month…something just feels special about this month.

One of the highlights of August features the Comic Strip debut of Canadian comedian Phil Hanley on August 10th and 11th. Check out a clip of Phil performing on CBS’ “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” below.

To see all of the great line-ups for the month, check out our online schedule!

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Watch Louis C.K. on Letterman last night!

Remember when Louis C.K. came by The Comic Strip this last week? Well, turns out many of the jokes that he was working out made there way to the national stage! Last night on CBS’ “The Late Show with David Letterman,” Louis talking about disgustingly entitled women, his kid’s problems in school and his great new lion integration system.

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!Comedy Caliente tonight!


Its going to be a hot one!!! Comedy Caliente is back! Tonight at the Comic Strip Live!

For more info, call (212) 861-9386

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Louis C.K. drops in at the Comic Strip!

Saturday and Sunday night, arguably the most prolific and ingenious stand up comedian working today, Louis C.K. dropped in unannounced at the Comic Strip Live! to surprise and entertain our great audiences.


Louis with Comic Strip owner/founder Richie Tienken.

With star-studded regular line-ups and regular surprise appearances by our alumni happening all of the time, there is no better place to see live stand up comedy than the World Famous Comic Strip Live!

*Photo courtesy Jeffrey Gurian/PunchlineMagazine.

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The weather is hot, but our shows are hotter!!!

Attention New Yorkers:

Yes, the heat is sweltering. Air conditioners are blowing fuses left and right and the price for a bag of ice is around what you would usually be paying for a gallon of gas! But fear not, loyal able-bodied citizens of Gotham: The Comic Strip Live is here!

Swing on by the Strip all week long to take advantage of the official clubhouse of cool. We’ve got cold beer, a powerful A.C. and the only thing hot is the action on stage! Check out our line-ups if you don’t believe me!

We’ve been getting a lot of unannounced, unscheduled drop-ins recently. Chris Rock, Louis CK, Bill Burr, Jake Johannson, Tommy Johnagin, Bill Bailey, Judah Friedlander, Mike Birbiglia, Brian Kiley and more have all shown up to work out jokes before our stunned and delighted crowds in recent months. The Comic Strip is really THE place to be to see the best stand up comedy in New York City.

Come out to the Comic Strip Live tonight! To make a reservation call 212-861-9386 or buy your tickets online!



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New Comedy Writing Class – Starts July 25th

We here at Eighty Second and 2nd just got word that renowned comedy technician and long-time New York institution, DF Sweedler will begin a new season of his acclaimed Comedy Writing Class at the Comic Strip Live on July 25th. DF’s class class runs for eight weeks and takes students through the fundamentals of joke-writing and performing.

Alumni from DF’s class perform as working comedians throughout New York City and his class is a fun and supportive environment for helping realize your goal of performing stand up comedy.


For more information or to sign-up, call today: 212-861-9386 and add your name to the long list of legendary performers who’ve graced the stage at the World Famous Comic Strip Live!

Recent graduates of D.F.’s class include: Sam Morril (WINNER of 2011 Laughing Skull Comedy Festival and the 2010 March Madness Comedy Tournament), Joe Machi (Winner of the New York Underground Comedy Festival‘s Emerging Comic Award and Finalist in the New York Comedy Festival), Chris Korz (Boston Comedy Festival), Matthew Jenkins (passed for Late Night at the Comic Strip and opens for Curb Your Enthusiam’s J.B. Smoove on the road) and more.

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Trailer for Season 2 of Paul Provenza’s “Green Room”

A new trailer has been released for the second season of comedian Paul Provenza’s Showtime interview show “The Green Room.” Each week on “The Green Room” Paul (loosly) moderates free-flowing conversation between four comedians with subjects ranging from politics to sex to aging and of course, the most frequently discussed topic: the art of stand up.

Many Comic Strip Live! alums are featured in the round-table convo this season including Ray Romano, Kathy Griffin, Jeffrey Ross, Rick Overton and more. Also prominently featured is Comic Strip favorite Lee Camp.

Check your local listings for Showtime’s The Green Room!

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