The weather is hot, but our shows are hotter!!!

Attention New Yorkers:

Yes, the heat is sweltering. Air conditioners are blowing fuses left and right and the price for a bag of ice is around what you would usually be paying for a gallon of gas! But fear not, loyal able-bodied citizens of Gotham: The Comic Strip Live is here!

Swing on by the Strip all week long to take advantage of the official clubhouse of cool. We’ve got cold beer, a powerful A.C. and the only thing hot is the action on stage! Check out our line-ups if you don’t believe me!

We’ve been getting a lot of unannounced, unscheduled drop-ins recently. Chris Rock, Louis CK, Bill Burr, Jake Johannson, Tommy Johnagin, Bill Bailey, Judah Friedlander, Mike Birbiglia, Brian Kiley and more have all shown up to work out jokes before our stunned and delighted crowds in recent months. The Comic Strip is really THE place to be to see the best stand up comedy in New York City.

Come out to the Comic Strip Live tonight! To make a reservation call 212-861-9386 or buy your tickets online!



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