Join the Comic Strip Live! E-Mail Offers List!

Do you hate hearing about all the great live comedy you missed out on seeing at the Comic Strip Live! the night before?

While we very, VERY often have major comedy talents drop-in unannounced at the last minute, on some occasions we do get a slight bit of warning ahead of time. And while we here at Eighty Second & 2nd try as best we can to get that information out to you immediately, we thought it wouldn’t hurt to let you control your destiny a bit as well.

The best way to do that is by getting on the Comic Strip Live!’s mailing list! Usually sent out once every two weeks or so, the mailing list alerts our fans to special events happening that week at the club. If you were on the mailing list, here is what you would have received this last Tuesday morning:

WHAT?!?! Colin Quinn AND Artie Lange?!? In addition to our regular star-studded comedy showcase? How could you have turned that down! Answer: you couldn’t have. Don’t you wish you knew about it? If you were on our mailing list, you would have.

Don’t be left out in the dark any longer. Sign up for our E-Offers list today! Email and say you want to join our list to find out about all of our deals, special events and guest appearances that you can’t find out about anywhere else!


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