Every Saturday Evening: DF Sweedler’s New Talent Showcase

You’ve heard about D.F. Sweedler’s long-time comedy writing course, and you’ve seen the lists of the greatest comedy stars of today who grace our stage during our incredible shows, but you might have been thinking:  how do I get from one to the other? In short: years and years of practice. But if you want a leg-up, there is no better place to start than our Saturday evening New Talent Shows.

Produced by D.F. Sweedler, our New Talent Showcases are a great place to make your on-stage debut, hammer out that new 5 minutes or, like many of our Comic Strip regulars come by to do, make that hot, new demo tape! With great crowds, a fun enviroment and a world-reknown backdrop, there is no better place to cut your new tape than at our club.  You are performing on a Saturday night on the infamous stage at the Comic Strip! Where else could a young comic ever want to be? Also, we are the only club in New York City not to charge for making a DVD of your set.  You will also be joined on stage throughout the show by Comic Strip Live! headliners coming by to entertain the crowd. Its truly an original experience that only a club with the pedigree of the Comic Strip could provide.

For more information on performing on or attending one of our New Talent Shows, contact DF Sweedler.

Looking forward to seeing you soon at the Comic Strip Live!


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