We’re looking at YOU: comic in need of residence

Attention New York City!

As Blache Dubois so beautifully once said in the Bogart classic A Streetcar Named Desire, “I’ve always relied on the kindness of strangers.”  Now we’re not saying we’ve got Vivien Leigh to offer ya, but open up your ears for a moment.

A young comic from South America is currently staying in New York City, bouncing from couch to couch and is looking for something more stable until he leaves in April. A very kind, very funny young man, this comic is in the states for just a few short months and instead of having his sign a lease that he will just as quickly after to find a way out of, we are taking it to the streets! Friends, fans and family of the Comic Strip Live!, if you or anyone you know has an open room that they would like to rent a young comic who is staying in New York City for a few short months, please let yourself be known!

If you have any leads on a short-term room rental situation, call J.R. at the Comic Strip at (212) 861-9386.

Thanks everybody! You are the best friends a comedy club could ask for!


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