Fred Stoller recalls an awkward encounter with Jodie Foster at the Comic Strip!

Photo Courtesy: Pop My Culture Podcast

On a recent episode of the very popular “Pop My Culture” podcast, longtime friend of the Comic Strip Live! comedian and comic actor Fred Stoller told a hilarious tale about performing one night at the Strip and seeing what he thought was a familiar face in the crowd.

“Jodie Foster once called me an idiot. Back when I was doing stand up, she was sitting in the front at the Comic Strip and I didn’t think it was her and I said ‘You look like Jodie Foster. Can I just say that its you because I have a huge crush on you and Kristy McNichol. Oh, I’m an idiot.’ And she says ‘You ARE an idiot.’ Then I realized ‘Oh my gosh, that really was her.'”

You can listen to the entire episode here!  (the story about Jodie Foster at the Comic Strip starts at around the 71 minute mark.)


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