Doing It The Right Way: Joe Machi


Set your DVR’s!

One of the brightest new talents to come out of the Comic Strip lobby in years, Joe Machi will be making his network television debut on NBC’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” tonight!

Joe Machi is a true workhouse. Machi’s New York comedy origins actually began as a student in D.F. Sweedler’s Comedy Writing Workshop where he studied under Sweedler for 8 weeks. Each week, he would write his jokes, come to class, read them aloud to the room and work to help himself and others get better at following their dream. Sweedler still teaches this class (which has produced talents such as Rob Riggle, Sam Morril, David Baker and more!). Keep your eye on this blog for upcoming class registration info!

Following the class, Machi worked hard, grinding it out and hard and seemingly hopeless open mics around the northeast for years, finally getting to the point where the bookers at the Comic Strip felt like he has earned his place and passed him to perform as a member of the “Late Night” roster.  Late Night is an after-show where he and other younger acts would hang out all night in the lobby and after all of the scheduled performers were done, he would get a chance to entertain whatever audience was left. Going up on stage for 5 minutes in front of depleted crowds who had just watched over 3 hours of the best stand up in New York City is a tough task for anyone. But Machi persisted, coming in four times a week for almost four years, perfecting his craft to this point he was undeniable.

He won the New York Underground Comedy Festival’s “Emerging Comedian” award, began receiving spots at many of the major clubs in town and on December 16th, 2009, Machi realized one of the biggest dreams he had when he moved to New York City: he auditioned and “passed” for regular paid spots at The Comic Strip.

Since then Machi has been a regular on the Strip’s stage, delighting our capacity crowds nightly. Tonight’s appearance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” is a testament to what being a good, hard-working person can bring.  Joe Machi is a guy who has never taken short-cuts, gotten worn down by industry slights or become victimized by being unfairly passed-over. He is a consummate professional who has put in the time and is deserving of the accolades that he is receiving.

Congratulations Joe. We are all incredibly proud of you.


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