Our Comedians Are Amazing Tweeters

Are you reading this blog? Then you are probably on Twitter too. And if you are on Twitter, do the right thing and FOLLOW US!
But not just us, here is a list of some of our talent who are AMAZING on Twitter. Check em out!

Dan Naturman (@DanNaturman)

“Was in line at Apple Store all night Thursday night. Was the only one there for a charger.”

Nikki Glaser (@NikkiGlaser)

“Found out that my grade school bully is now a stripper. Karma’s a bitch, although I always knew her as Rachel.”

Andy Pitz (@AndyPitz)

“I love this oscillating fan four out of every twelve seconds.”

Sam Morril (@SamMorril)

“‘I love you just the way you are.’-Billy Joel and other liars”

Colin Jost (@TheColinJost)

“If you’re gonna ‘be there with bells on’ I’d prefer you didn’t show up at all.”

Jon Fisch (@JonnyFisch)

“My ex-girlfriend broke up with her boyfriend so I am not her ex-boyfriend anymore”

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