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Comic Strip Live Alumni on the Big Screen!

This Friday, former stand-up comedian, now film producer Judd Apatow will release the third film that he has both written and directed, FUNNY PEOPLE.  The comedy follows two stand-up comedians, one in the waning days of a once-vibrant career, and another whose star is just beginning to shine. Starring an eclectic cast featuring the talents of Seth Rogan, Eric Bana, Leslie Mann, Jason Schwartzman, the RZA and Jonah Hill, FUNNY PEOPLE’s starring role belongs to a long-time friend of the Comic Strip Live, Mr. Adam Sandler.


A Brooklyn native, Sandler started at the Comic Strip in the late 80’s performing alongside the likes of Chris Rock, Kevin Nealon and other future industry stars as part of the clubs now legendary “Late Night” roster, where hungry young comics sign up early in the evening in the hope of getting on stage at the end of the night. Sandler has since gone on to become one of the biggest drawing comedic talents and most in-demand actors in the world. But it all started at the Strip.

The film also features many more hilarious Comic Strip alumni including Dave Attell, Sarah Silverman, Wayne Federman, Ray Romano, Paul Reiser, Orny Adams, Al Lubel, George Wallace, Mark Schiff, Carol Leifer, and Aziz Ansari, who’s character “Raaaaaaaandy” is becoming a fast-rising internet sensation.

This is not the Comic Strip’s first association with a major motion picture centered around the topic of stand-up comedy. In 1988, Tom Hanks would frequently stop by the club to practice his stand-up chops as he worked out material for the hit film PUNCHLINE, in which he played a young struggling stand-up comedian.

With so many stars born at the club, you can’t afford to miss a single night at the Comic Strip Live. Visit our website to make a reservation.

FUNNY PEOPLE opens this Friday, July 31st. Knock ’em dead, Adam!

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