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Al Ducharme tonight!

Can it get any better than THIS?!?!?



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Question of the Night: 01/17/010

We’re watching the Golden Globes out in the lobby tonight.  And in honor of the awards, we asked the comics who their favorites are this year.

Q: Who are you rooting for to win a Golden Globe this year?


Erik Rivera

Couples Retreat!

Tom Van Horn

The Hurt Locker (Drama) and The Hangover (Comedy)

Tina Giorgi

Avatar, and any other movie that makes people nauseous.

Jermaine Fowler

Inglorious Basterds

Bernadette Pauley

Dexter– not Michael C. Hall but Dexter himself.

Al Ducharme

The Golden Globes deserve their own Golden Globe.

Lenny Marcus

Modern Family or Glee

Judah Friedlander

The Jets!

Jon Fisch

The Larry Sanders Show, always

Kyle Grooms

Gabourey Sidibe, for Precious

Thanks for checking out Eighty-Second & 2nd this week.  We hope you’ll stop by the World Famous Comic Strip Live sometime soon!

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Question of the Night (8/23/09)

In an attempt to learn more about the comics that grace the stage here at the World Famous Comic Strip Live, I ask a Question of the Night each Sunday.  Tonight, the question focused on the dreams each comic had before living the dream of a professional comedian.

Q; When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?


Host, Bill McCarty

A Costumed Superhero, like his favorite caped crusader Batman

Jermaine Fowler

A Filmmaker, especially after seeing The Rock

Buddy Bolton

Always a Comedian

Mike Vecchione

A Writer/Businessman/Lawyer

Marina Franklin

A Clown and then a Writer

Al Ducharme

An Actor

Colin Kane


Dustin Ybarra

An Actor

Jon Fisch

A Basketball Player

Don Jamieson

A Baseball Player– He always wanted to play for the Mets, and now, he’d probably make the team.

Check back each week for a new Question of the Night.  And, if there are any questons that you’d like to have answered, leave them in the comments below!

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Lobby life!

A lot of great comedy talent graced the Comic Strip Live this last week. A lot of our old friends came through to do sets and spend time in the lobby of the club that they all call “home”, the Comic Strip.  Here is this weeks installment of Lobby Life.


A meeting of the minds occurred by our bar this last Wednesday when Ryan Reiss, Al Ducharme, Marina Franklin, Andy Hendrickson and Mike p. Burton got together.


Four of Thursday’s acts, Ted Alexandro, Judah Friedlander, J.J. Ramirez and Steve White converse about life in comedy. And baseball.


Veteran comedy writer D.F. Sweedler reflects on what makes a good comic alongside Stan Stankos, Joe Machi, Andy Hendrickson and Mike p. Burton.


A more subdued lobby allowed Judah Friedlander and Mike p. Burton to catch up over dinner with D.F. Sweedler and Matt Jenkins futhur discussed baseball.

Check back next Monday for another installment of Lobby Life!

And to see the lobby (and the comics within it) live in person, check out our schedule.

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Charlie Murphy Tonight at the Comic Strip Live!


BREAKING NEWS! Star of the incredibly popular Comedy Central program Chappelle’s Show Charlie Murphy will be doing stand-up comedy tonight at New York’s legendary Comic Strip Live!

Known for his raw and honest style, Charlie has years of experience in the entertainment industry to draw from in his opinionated and always hilarious stand-up act.

To see Charlie tonight, make a reservation now: 212-861-9386

Also on the amazing line-up tonight: Best Week Ever’s Sherrod Small, Last Comic Standing’s Marina Franklin, Flight of the Conchords’ James Smith, Comedy Central’s Al Ducharme, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn favorite Vinnie Brand and many, many more. For a full line-up, check out our schedule.

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Lobby Life!

The Comic Strip Live! has been known by comedians and comedy fans alike for having one of the most welcoming and fun lobbies in town. Comics will come early to hang out and see friends and stay late talking with other comics and fans and work-shopping ideas. Many of the industry brightest stars will stop by, simply to spend some time in the lobby because they feel it helps open up their creativity.


Al Ducharme and Tom Cotter relax by the bar after their sets.


DF Sweedler, Bernadette Pauley, Tom-E, Stan Stankos, Tom Van Horn, and Mike p. Burton discuss the ins and out of comedy life. And basketball.


Christ Korz, Matt Jenkins and Joe Machi prepare material for Late Night, the industry’s premier comedian development program, weeknights after the main show.


Nick Swardson stops in to see one of his original comedy teachers, Gladys Simon.

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Special Wednesday night guest: JEFFREY ROSS

About last night…

AMAZING show! Over 170 comedy fans turned out for what was much more than any seemingly ordinary mid-week comedy show! In addition to hilarious sets by Brian Scott McFadden, Ted Alexandro, Colin Kane, Joe Bolster, Al Ducharme and more, one of the evening many highlights was a special appearance by long-time friend of the Comic Strip Live!, the Roast Master General: Jeffrey Ross!


Jeffrey Ross, live on stage at the Comic Strip Live!, July 22nd, 2009

The now L.A.-based comic and Dancing with the Stars veteran was at the club to practice some of his witty zingers for the upcoming Comedy Central Roast of Joan Rivers. And oh man…he sure had some gems. Looking forward to watching!

The Comic Strip Live! has long been a second home for it’s alumni and has gained recognition for being a great place to catch an unexpected performer, like Jeff, live and in person. In the last year, the club has had unannounced performances by: Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, George Wallace, Caroline Rhea, Bill Burr, Jim Norton, Tony Rock, Greg Giraldo, Artie Lange, Mike Birbiglia & more. No night of the week gets you better odds of seeing your favorite comedian up close.

To try and guess when your comedy idol will pop in, check out the clubs calendar!

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Great Show tonight at the Comic Strip!


Doors open at 8:00pm. Showtime at 8:30.


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