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Todd Barry & Artie Lange on Letterman tomorrow night!

Tomorrow night on CBS’s “The Late Show with David Letterman”, two long-time Comic Strip Live favorite’s will be featured on the highly-rated talk show.

The first guest of the night will be actor/best-selling author/radio personality/possible mayoral candidate and frequent drop-in guest on the Comic Strip Stage: Artie Lange!


And performing stand-up comedy towards the end of the show will be long-time friend of the Comic Strip Live! and recurring character on HBO’s Flight of the Conchords, Todd Barry!


Tune in tomorrow night to check out both of these hilarious talents!

To find out when you might be able to see Artie & Todd on our stage, be sure to check out our schedule.

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Artie Lange for Mayor?!?

News broke this week that Comic Strip Live alum (and recent drop-in) Artie Lange is debating throwing his name into the hat to fill the vacant seat of mayor for the city of Hoboken, New Jersey!


Not yet officially supported by the best-selling author, the campaigns website (www.mayorartie.com) wants to remind all readers that should enough write-in votes be counted, Artie Lange, beloved comedian, movie star and radio personality WILL become the mayor of Hoboken, a town which Lange has called home since 2001.

Punchline Magazine, a friend of the Comic Strip, quoted Artie on the air this week who when asked by Howard Stern what he would do should he gain the mayor-ship said: “I would legalize all drugs and tax the sh*t out of them.  The money generated would go to city workers. Police would get $200,000 a year and fireman would start at $150,000”

Well, I can think of a few departments that are going to get behind the big guy.

Best of luck Artie!


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From the Archives…


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Special Wednesday night guest: JEFFREY ROSS

About last night…

AMAZING show! Over 170 comedy fans turned out for what was much more than any seemingly ordinary mid-week comedy show! In addition to hilarious sets by Brian Scott McFadden, Ted Alexandro, Colin Kane, Joe Bolster, Al Ducharme and more, one of the evening many highlights was a special appearance by long-time friend of the Comic Strip Live!, the Roast Master General: Jeffrey Ross!


Jeffrey Ross, live on stage at the Comic Strip Live!, July 22nd, 2009

The now L.A.-based comic and Dancing with the Stars veteran was at the club to practice some of his witty zingers for the upcoming Comedy Central Roast of Joan Rivers. And oh man…he sure had some gems. Looking forward to watching!

The Comic Strip Live! has long been a second home for it’s alumni and has gained recognition for being a great place to catch an unexpected performer, like Jeff, live and in person. In the last year, the club has had unannounced performances by: Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, George Wallace, Caroline Rhea, Bill Burr, Jim Norton, Tony Rock, Greg Giraldo, Artie Lange, Mike Birbiglia & more. No night of the week gets you better odds of seeing your favorite comedian up close.

To try and guess when your comedy idol will pop in, check out the clubs calendar!

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