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Angel Salazar headlines Comedy Caliente this Thursday!


The show also features Dustin Ybarra (Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, the upcoming Matt Damon film “We Bought a Zoo“), Joseph Rocha (the film “Stand Up 360″, San Francisco Comedy Festival) and more.

To make your reservation (HIGHLY encouraged, this once-a-month showcase often sells out) please call (212) 861-9386

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Dustin Ybarra on Comedy Central’s “Live at (other comedy club)”!!!


This last Friday, Comic Strip Live! favorite Dustin Ybarra made his national television debut on the season premiere of Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham.”

Ybarra, who has called the Comic Strip home ever since moving up to the big city from his native Texas, displayed great poise and confident as he delivered his 6-minute set to the same enthusiastic response he gets 7 nights a week at the Strip!

We are all very proud of our friend for having such a great set and we look forward to seeing more big things from him soon!

To see Dustin LIVE: check out our schedule!

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Lobby Life!

Only one great shot to include in this weeks Lobby Life, but it is a DOOZY!

What does it have in it?

It has members of our fabulous and hilarious STAFF!

It has multiple comics featured on our famous Late Night Roster!

It has a guy that frequently hangs out in our lobby!

It has an Emmy & Peabody Award winning comedian!

And it has more!

And what else? They are all wearing hoodies!



Clockwise from the bottom right, “The Duke”, Paul Mecurio, Adam Cozens, Matt Jenkins, Dustin Ybarra, Joe Machi, Ankara Martinez, Brenda Guzman.


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Tonight! Comedy Caliente!

Tonight at the World Famous Comic Strip Live!, our monthly COMEDY CALIENTE!


Tonight at the Strip, you will see Mark Vierra, Marina Franklin, Dustin Ybarra, Cory Fernandez, Gina Brillon, Angelo Lozado, Mike Britt, Jermaine Fowler, Wali Collins and more!

Come by the Comic Strip tonight for one of our favorite nights of the month: COMEDY CALIENTE!

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Question of the Night (8/23/09)

In an attempt to learn more about the comics that grace the stage here at the World Famous Comic Strip Live, I ask a Question of the Night each Sunday.  Tonight, the question focused on the dreams each comic had before living the dream of a professional comedian.

Q; When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?


Host, Bill McCarty

A Costumed Superhero, like his favorite caped crusader Batman

Jermaine Fowler

A Filmmaker, especially after seeing The Rock

Buddy Bolton

Always a Comedian

Mike Vecchione

A Writer/Businessman/Lawyer

Marina Franklin

A Clown and then a Writer

Al Ducharme

An Actor

Colin Kane


Dustin Ybarra

An Actor

Jon Fisch

A Basketball Player

Don Jamieson

A Baseball Player– He always wanted to play for the Mets, and now, he’d probably make the team.

Check back each week for a new Question of the Night.  And, if there are any questons that you’d like to have answered, leave them in the comments below!

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Lobby life!

Whenever New York’s stand-up comedy elite need to relax, have a laugh and just overall enjoy themselves, they can’t help but swing by the Comic Strip Live. Known as a hotbed for both up-and-coming young talent as well as established headliners, the Comic Strip prides itself on being a welcoming atmosphere for all of its talent. And when our top notch comedians aren’t on stage, they can be found socializing in the clubs well-renowned lobby.  And with that, here is this week’s edition of “Lobby Life.”


Barry Weintraub catches the Lobby Life team in action as Dexter Stallworth listens in on a conversation between Jermaine Fowler and Andy Pitz.


Always quick to lend a punchline (or sometimes, just a punch) Stan Stankos and Andy Hendrickson help Joe Machi prepare for his set while DF Sweedler concentrates on the Yankees score.


After a long night of laughter-enducing, comedians Adam Cozens, Jermaine Fowler and Dustin Ybarra pose for a snapshot.


Incredibly funny comedienne Bernadette Pauley poses with three of the Comic Strip’s fabulous waitresses after her set.


Comic Strip original and long-time friend of the club Alan Combs poses by his old headshot during a recent visit to the club where it all started for him.

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Question of the Night (08/09/09)

With such a fantastic line-up tonight here at the World Famous Comic Strip Live, this week’s Question of the Night focuses on the comics who inspired our stars before they were on-stage, when they were comedy fans just like you and me.

Q: Who was your first-ever favorite comedian?


Host, Vic Henley

Richard Pryor

Andy Pitz

George Carlin and Rodney Dangerfield

Dustin Ybarra

Pablo Francisco

Christian Finnegan

Steve Martin

Jermaine Fowler

The Animaniacs and Rocco from Rocco’s Modern Life

Jon Fisch

Dennis Wolfberg

Don Jamieson

George Carlin

Ryan Reiss

Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy

Lenny Marcus

Jerry Seinfeld

Come see the long-lasting effects of the great comedians of the past on these great comics of today at 8:00 at the Comic Strip Live!  And stick around for some of tomorrow’s stars with Late Night @ CSL after the show!

Photos posted with permission.

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