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Looking Back at the Year 2011, part 9!

What a year, what a year, what a year.

We have been looking back at the year that was, 2011, all month long. We’ve got all the way back to January and brought it back the modern times and everything in between. Today lets take it back to May when Comic Strip Live! favorite Erik Rivera, made his national network television debut on NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”  Take a look.


Erik Rivera on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Rivera is currently based in Los Angeles, but comes by the Comic Strip whenever he is in town. He and his wife Katie recently launched the Menage A Pod podcast!

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Erik Rivera on The Tonight Show this Friday!


This Friday night, Comic Strip Live! regular Erik Rivera will be making his network television debut on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

Erik has been living in Los Angeles the last few months and we at the Comic Strip are very excited for Erik in this exciting achievement.

Set your DVR’s for 11:35 this Friday night on NBC to catch Erik Rivera on The Tonight Show!

Congratulations Erik!

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Question of the Night: 01/17/010

We’re watching the Golden Globes out in the lobby tonight.  And in honor of the awards, we asked the comics who their favorites are this year.

Q: Who are you rooting for to win a Golden Globe this year?


Erik Rivera

Couples Retreat!

Tom Van Horn

The Hurt Locker (Drama) and The Hangover (Comedy)

Tina Giorgi

Avatar, and any other movie that makes people nauseous.

Jermaine Fowler

Inglorious Basterds

Bernadette Pauley

Dexter– not Michael C. Hall but Dexter himself.

Al Ducharme

The Golden Globes deserve their own Golden Globe.

Lenny Marcus

Modern Family or Glee

Judah Friedlander

The Jets!

Jon Fisch

The Larry Sanders Show, always

Kyle Grooms

Gabourey Sidibe, for Precious

Thanks for checking out Eighty-Second & 2nd this week.  We hope you’ll stop by the World Famous Comic Strip Live sometime soon!

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Question of the Night 01/03/010

(That’s not a typo.  That’s what I’m calling 2010.)

The New Year rang in with laughter here at the World Famous Comic Strip Live.  And now that things are settling down a bit, we’re back to talking to comics on Sundays, with our weekly installment of Question of the Night.  In honor of ‘o10,

Q: What are your resolutions for the year?


Erik Rivera

…to keep being awesome but get better results.

Mike Burton

…a career in ’10!

Jermaine Fowler

… to create quality material/work harder.

Tim Young

“…talk less”

Lenny Marcus

…some new material!

Jordan Rock

…to keep working and telling jokes.

Ryan Reiss

…to make his enemies pay.

Mike Vecchione

…get better

Ross Bennett

…to do more material involving his bowel movements

Bernadette Pauley

…to have 1/2 as much fun on stage as she has with her dog.

It’s going be a good year/decade, and we hope you’ll visit the Comic Strip sometime soon!

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Erik Rivera’s “The Cyclist”

Comic Strip Live! favorite Erik Rivera just finished completing a new short film entitled “The Cyclist”. Erik is featured in the film, which also stars long time club favorite Ross Bennett. The hilarious video is now online and knowing the comedic sensibilities of these comics as well as we do, we won’t hold back from encouraging everyone to check it out!

Check it out here!  –> The Cyclist

To find out when you can see Erik, Ross and the rest of all of our hilarious comedians live, check out the new October schedule over!


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Comedy Caliente Tonight!


Tonight at the Comic Strip Live!: COMEDY CALIENTE!!! Comedy Caliente is New York City’s funniest and most positively-reviewed Latin-American (and more) Comedy Showcase!

This evenings line-up includes the comedic talents of: Erik Rivera!  Macio!  Bill Santiago!  Mike DeStefano!  Jermaine Fowler!  J.J. Ramirez! and more!

Comedy Caliente only happens on the last Thursday of each month,so if you want to be a part of tonight’s show, contact the club to make your reservation! Call (212) 861-9386 now!

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Question of the Night (8/02/09)

In honor of the opening weekend of Funny People and its cast of Comic Strip Live alumni, we asked the comics on tonight’s lineup,

What is your favorite movie about comedy?” and/or “What’s your favorite comedy film?

These are their answers:

Host Erik Rivera


Comedian, a documentary by Comic Strip Live! Alum Jerry Seinfeld and currently The Hangover

Ryan Reiss


Comedian and There’s Something About Mary

Bernadette Pauley


Tim Young

Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke

“Hey man, if we’re going to wear uniforms, let’s all wear something different.”  – Tommy Chong

Steven Scott

As a kid, it was definitely Airplane! And now as an adult, his favorite serious-funny movie is Forrest Gump.

Funny People is his favorite film exclusively about comedy.

Rob Cantrell


Richard Pryor: Live and Smokin’ and Trading Places

Steve White

Funny Bones with Jerry Lewis and Oliver Platt

Brian McFadden


Richard Pryor Live in Concert and Gigli

Colin Kane

Funny People

For some other movies about comedy recommended by the line-up, check out When Stand Up Stood Out, Punchline, Mr. Saturday Night, Man on the Moon, and King of Comedy.

Thanks for reading, and check back next Sunday for the next Question of the Night!

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