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Doing It The Right Way: Joe Machi


Set your DVR’s!

One of the brightest new talents to come out of the Comic Strip lobby in years, Joe Machi will be making his network television debut on NBC’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” tonight!

Joe Machi is a true workhouse. Machi’s New York comedy origins actually began as a student in D.F. Sweedler’s Comedy Writing Workshop where he studied under Sweedler for 8 weeks. Each week, he would write his jokes, come to class, read them aloud to the room and work to help himself and others get better at following their dream. Sweedler still teaches this class (which has produced talents such as Rob Riggle, Sam Morril, David Baker and more!). Keep your eye on this blog for upcoming class registration info!

Following the class, Machi worked hard, grinding it out and hard and seemingly hopeless open mics around the northeast for years, finally getting to the point where the bookers at the Comic Strip felt like he has earned his place and passed him to perform as a member of the “Late Night” roster.  Late Night is an after-show where he and other younger acts would hang out all night in the lobby and after all of the scheduled performers were done, he would get a chance to entertain whatever audience was left. Going up on stage for 5 minutes in front of depleted crowds who had just watched over 3 hours of the best stand up in New York City is a tough task for anyone. But Machi persisted, coming in four times a week for almost four years, perfecting his craft to this point he was undeniable.

He won the New York Underground Comedy Festival’s “Emerging Comedian” award, began receiving spots at many of the major clubs in town and on December 16th, 2009, Machi realized one of the biggest dreams he had when he moved to New York City: he auditioned and “passed” for regular paid spots at The Comic Strip.

Since then Machi has been a regular on the Strip’s stage, delighting our capacity crowds nightly. Tonight’s appearance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” is a testament to what being a good, hard-working person can bring.  Joe Machi is a guy who has never taken short-cuts, gotten worn down by industry slights or become victimized by being unfairly passed-over. He is a consummate professional who has put in the time and is deserving of the accolades that he is receiving.

Congratulations Joe. We are all incredibly proud of you.


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Joe Machi performs on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” this Wednesday!


This Wednesday night on, a favorite of staff and audiences alike, JOE MACHI will make his network television debut on NBC’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!”

Joe has been around the Comic Strip Live! for the last 6 years, honing his unique and original style of comedy and this Wednesday night, he will finally be revealed to the world!  One of the hardest working and most thoughtful comedic talents to come around in years, this long-sought recognition is most deserved.

Congratulations Joe!

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After the Show…there is MORE SHOW!

You’ve heard of “Late Night” correct?


After the full roster of hilarious stand up talent comes off stage, more stand up comedy can be found during the Comic Strip Live!‘s famous Late Night show! Late Night is an amazing opportunity to watch some of the clubs finest talent tightening up new material as well as a place for some of the clubs new talent to get additional stage time and exposure.

Many of our clubs talents use Late Night’s short spots (each comic on Late Night does 5 minute sets) to work out sets for upcoming TV appearances.  Earlier just this month, comedian competitors from NBC’s Last Comic Standing worked out and smoothed out the edges on their new sets during Late Night!

Tonight’s Late Night show featured: Owen Bowness, D.F. Sweedler, Gladys Simon, Sam Morril, Joe Machi, Adam Cozens, Joe Rocha, Andrew Mitchell, Maryelle Turner, Jordan Rock and more! With each comic only doing 5 minutes, there is guaranteed to be a comic coming up that will tickle your fancy. So stick around!

Even when you think the show can’t get much better, it does. With Late Night.

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Question of the Late Night 4/4/10

…and we’re back…

or, more correctly, I’m back from LA, where we filmed some great interviews for Eat, Drink, Laugh, the documentary about the Club we told you about earlier this year.

It’s been a great night here at the World Famous Comic Strip Live:

Chris Rock stopped by to work out his material for Letterman tomorrow night.

AND, the Late Night Crew set up camp and talked with us for this week’s Question of the Night.

Q: What’s the best part about hanging out in the lobby while you wait to go on stage?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Adam Cozens: “Even when there’s only a couple people left in the crowd, a good Lobby Life makes it worth our time to be here at the Comic Strip.”

Sam Morril: “It’s great to have people to run joke with and help get mentally prepared for the stage.”

Joe Machi: “It’s the fellowship and penis jokes.”

Matt Jenkins: “Networking with other comics.”

DF Sweedler: “I love when Chris Rock stops by right before my spot.”

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Welcome the newest member of the Comic Strip roster: Joe Machi!


Last night at the Comic Strip Live!, comedian Joe Machi made the long-anticipated leap from Late Night to the main show-eligible roster, following an electrifying performance during his audition. Many comedians were on-hand to watch and support Machi who has become a club favorite amongst the staff and talent through his years as a dedicated nightly performer on Late Night. Comics extended themselves to offer Machi salutations and congenial ribbing following his coronation as the newest member of the club.

Typically we here at Eighty Second & 2nd don’t like to get to “behind-the-scenes” regarding the workings of the club, but we felt that Machi, and his years of proven dedication to the club deserved recognition.

Congratulations Joe Machi! You’ve earned it.

To find out when you can see Joe Machi live at the Comic Strip, be sure to keep an eye on our schedule.


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Comic Strip Christmas Party, 2009!

Happy Holidays!

Yesterday was the Comic Strip Live’s annual Christmas party! To document the even, we here at Eighty-Second and 2nd dispatched comedians Adam Cozens and Joe Machi with a digital camera and had them capture the fun at last night’s annual send-off. They ended up taking many pictures of themselves. Here are a few choice shots!


(left to right: Scott Blakeman, Barry Weintraub, Bill McCarty, J.J. Ramirez)


(Wayne Federman, Adam Cozens)


(Jeffrey Ross, Joe Machi)


(Sherrod Small, J.R. Ravitz)


(Joe Machi, Moody McCarthy, Adam Cozens)


(Pat Dixon, Adam Cozens)


(CSL bartender Danny)


(Andy Pitz, Adam Cozens, Joe Machi)


(Adam Cozens, Judah Friedlander)



(CSL bartender Sam Whitten)

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See the Stars of Tomorrow…TONIGHT!

No comedy club has jump-started the careers of more all-star talent then the Comic Strip Live! Known as the best place in Manhattan to catch a legend in the making, if you want to get in the club, you have to do Late Night. On any given weeknight, you might be watching the next headlining comedy superstar work out material in the wee hours of the morning. Some of our proud Late Night alumni:




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Lobby Life!

Only one great shot to include in this weeks Lobby Life, but it is a DOOZY!

What does it have in it?

It has members of our fabulous and hilarious STAFF!

It has multiple comics featured on our famous Late Night Roster!

It has a guy that frequently hangs out in our lobby!

It has an Emmy & Peabody Award winning comedian!

And it has more!

And what else? They are all wearing hoodies!



Clockwise from the bottom right, “The Duke”, Paul Mecurio, Adam Cozens, Matt Jenkins, Dustin Ybarra, Joe Machi, Ankara Martinez, Brenda Guzman.


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