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Myq Kaplan featured in the New York Times!

Yesterday, Comic Strip Live! favorite Myq Kaplan was featured in the national publication of record – The New York Times.

Kaplan taping his recent Comedy Central Presents half-hour special

The famed “grey lady” has been taking a liking to the art of comedy in recent months, even going as far as to establish a weekly comedy & humor column highlighting some of the best and brightest young stars in the city, as well as nationally.

This week’s article featured Mr. Kaplan and how a working comic’s joke is constantly evolving. From the first time he or she tells it on stage, to three hours later while performing your 4th set of the night, to two months later when you submit it to television, and even to months after that when  it makes its debut on Conan. It was a fascinating read that not only allows the reader slightly into the hard-working comics psyche, but also lets you learn more about Myq Kaplan himself. Very inspirational and exciting. Give it a read!

To find out when you can catch Myq Kaplan when he is in town on our stage, keep an eye on our schedule!

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The Queens of Comedy

This last week, many members of the Comic Strip Live! fraternity were featured in a New York Times article which covered the ever-increasing presence of stand up comedians  finding themselves living in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens, New York. The article touched on the advantages for a comedian to live in Queens, the sense of community felt by being in a neighborhood chock full of comics and easily available access to the city and airports that comes with living in the traditionally Greek area.

Interviews with Comic Strip comedians Ted Alexandro, Tim Young, Dan Allen, Andy Hendrickson and Moody McCarthy were included and on the front page of the article, a great picture is features Alexandro, Young, Allen, Hendrickson, McCarthy, Dustin Chaffin, Jon Fisch, Ray Devito and many, many more.

To see the picture and read the online version of the article, click here.

If you want to check out any of the clubs Astoria-based comics, be sure to inspect the club calendar.

Thanks to Andy Hendrickson for the tip!

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