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Question of the Night 01/03/010

(That’s not a typo.  That’s what I’m calling 2010.)

The New Year rang in with laughter here at the World Famous Comic Strip Live.  And now that things are settling down a bit, we’re back to talking to comics on Sundays, with our weekly installment of Question of the Night.  In honor of ‘o10,

Q: What are your resolutions for the year?


Erik Rivera

…to keep being awesome but get better results.

Mike Burton

…a career in ’10!

Jermaine Fowler

… to create quality material/work harder.

Tim Young

“…talk less”

Lenny Marcus

…some new material!

Jordan Rock

…to keep working and telling jokes.

Ryan Reiss

…to make his enemies pay.

Mike Vecchione

…get better

Ross Bennett

…to do more material involving his bowel movements

Bernadette Pauley

…to have 1/2 as much fun on stage as she has with her dog.

It’s going be a good year/decade, and we hope you’ll visit the Comic Strip sometime soon!

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