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The February Calendar is now online!

Hey comedy fans/nerds!

Want to find out when you favorite stand up comedians are going to be coming by the Comic Strip in February?

Tired of having to call every afternoon at 2pm to bug Tommy about who is on the show that night?  Then check out the newly updated CALENDAR page!


The month of February, thought by some to be the BEST month to watch stand up comedy in New York City, is chock full of amazing, nationally headlining talent.

Comics who have appeared on HBO, Comedy Central, “The Tonight Show”, “The Late Show” and more including Gary Gulman, Rich Vos, Andrew Kennedy, Gregg Rogell, Chuck Nice, Rob Cantrell, Teddy Smith, Pete Dominick, Paul Mecurio, Christian Finnegan, Andy Pitz, Sherrod Small, Mike Britt, Pete Correale, Jeff Caldwell, Steve White, Dan Naturman, Ross Bennett, Joe Bolster, Cory Kahaney and many, MANY more nationally headlining acts will grace our stage during the month of February!

Come by and see what all the fuss is about! Enjoy a night at the Comic Strip Live!

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Lobby life!

A lot of great comedy talent graced the Comic Strip Live this last week. A lot of our old friends came through to do sets and spend time in the lobby of the club that they all call “home”, the Comic Strip.  Here is this weeks installment of Lobby Life.


A meeting of the minds occurred by our bar this last Wednesday when Ryan Reiss, Al Ducharme, Marina Franklin, Andy Hendrickson and Mike p. Burton got together.


Four of Thursday’s acts, Ted Alexandro, Judah Friedlander, J.J. Ramirez and Steve White converse about life in comedy. And baseball.


Veteran comedy writer D.F. Sweedler reflects on what makes a good comic alongside Stan Stankos, Joe Machi, Andy Hendrickson and Mike p. Burton.


A more subdued lobby allowed Judah Friedlander and Mike p. Burton to catch up over dinner with D.F. Sweedler and Matt Jenkins futhur discussed baseball.

Check back next Monday for another installment of Lobby Life!

And to see the lobby (and the comics within it) live in person, check out our schedule.

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Last night at the Strip: Charlie Murphy!

As this blog announced at the last minute yesterday, Chappelle’s Show star Charlie Murphy came by the Comic Strip Live! last night, much to the delight of the overwhelmingly large and excited mid-week crowd.

After coming up to the stage at a raucous ovation, Charlie dived into material ranging from his times overseas to adventures with friends to his thoughts on The Dog Whisperer. It was an incredibly entertaining set and as promised, Charlie did not disappoint. One fan who was lucky enough to grab a few minutes with Charlie after his set was moved to tears by Charlie’s kindness and personable attitude towards his fans.

We were thrilled to have Charlie come by last night and hope to see him again soon.





Charlie with comedian friends Steve White (left) and William Stephenson.

To see Charlie the next time he comes to the club, be sure to keep a daily eye on our schedule.

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Question of the Night (8/02/09)

In honor of the opening weekend of Funny People and its cast of Comic Strip Live alumni, we asked the comics on tonight’s lineup,

What is your favorite movie about comedy?” and/or “What’s your favorite comedy film?

These are their answers:

Host Erik Rivera


Comedian, a documentary by Comic Strip Live! Alum Jerry Seinfeld and currently The Hangover

Ryan Reiss


Comedian and There’s Something About Mary

Bernadette Pauley


Tim Young

Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke

“Hey man, if we’re going to wear uniforms, let’s all wear something different.”  – Tommy Chong

Steven Scott

As a kid, it was definitely Airplane! And now as an adult, his favorite serious-funny movie is Forrest Gump.

Funny People is his favorite film exclusively about comedy.

Rob Cantrell


Richard Pryor: Live and Smokin’ and Trading Places

Steve White

Funny Bones with Jerry Lewis and Oliver Platt

Brian McFadden


Richard Pryor Live in Concert and Gigli

Colin Kane

Funny People

For some other movies about comedy recommended by the line-up, check out When Stand Up Stood Out, Punchline, Mr. Saturday Night, Man on the Moon, and King of Comedy.

Thanks for reading, and check back next Sunday for the next Question of the Night!

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