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LAST DANCE – at the York Theatre, Sept 21-23

Co-Founder of the Comic Strip Live! Robert Wachs with wife Tess

Robert Wachs, who founded The Comic Strip comedy club in 1975, has been in the entertainment industry for 49 years. Bob started his entertainment career as a theatrical attorney, after seven years as an associate, in the most prominent law firm in the United States. He left to start his own firm. Eventually, he and Richie Tienken got together and started The Comic Strip comedy club. They went on to manage Eddie Murphy for many years and produced many of Eddie’s hit movies, recordings, and projects. In fact, Bob wrote the story for Beverly Hills Cop II.

Bob eventually went on to manage Arsenio Hall and was a production executive on Arsenio’s television program. Twelve-years ago, Bob had an idea to produce a musical based on the works of his friend, Paul Jabara. Paul, who founded the Red Ribbon Campaign as a symbol of the fight against AIDS, won the academy award for the song LAST DANCE which appeared in the motion picture “Thank God It’s Friday.” Among Paul’s other hits are ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (No More Tears), IT’S RAINING MEN, THE MAIN EVENT, and LAST DANCE. Bob is happy to announce that a lab workshop of LAST DANCE will be produced for five performances at The York Theatre in Manhattan, September 21, 22, and 23. The director is Phil McKinley, the savior of SPIDER MAN on Broadway.

To purchase tickets or for more information, please visit http://www.yorktheatre.org/last-dance.html.

“It’s been a very very long haul but in the end, I think it will have been worth it.”Robert Wachs

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